Download PDF by Peter Tompkins, Christopher Bird: The Secret Life of Plants

Download PDF by Peter Tompkins, Christopher Bird: The Secret Life of Plants

By Peter Tompkins, Christopher Bird

The realm of crops and its relation to mankind as published through the most recent medical discoveries. "Plenty of not easy proof and dazzling clinical and useful lore."--Newsweek

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Since Sauvin's ordination as a minister at the Psychic Science Temple of Metaphysics, he has become a strong pacifist, abhorrent of the use of thought-controlled weapons against animals and plants as well as hu· mans. Though he has taken out business certificates on such deviceswhich put him on record as the inventor-he is loath to disclose his most . sensitive invention, code-named Device 13, for fear that it could quickly be developed by the Department of Defense into a foolproof thought· controlled guided missile, The temple's spiritual leader, the Reverend R William Daut, is a trumpet medium, one who communicates with those who have departed by going iI)to trance and having a trumpet levitate in a semidarkened room; through it the voices of the departed speak.

With nothing but his will power, Swann has been able to affect a mechanism in the university's most thoroughly shielded "quark" chamber, buried , deep underground 10 a vault of liquid helium, impenetrable to any known wave length of the electromagnetic spectrum, astonishing the academic physicists who watched him perform what they considered to be an impossible feat Vogel stresses that experiments with plants can be extremely danger· ous to those who do not have the ability properly to alter their states of consciousness.

I , . ',' ; ", I i , I, An apparent train of interstellar communication signals of unknown origin and destination has been observed. Since interception was made by biological sensors, a biological-type signal transmission must be assumed. Test experiments were conducted in an electromagnetic deepfringe area, the equipment itself being impervious to electromagnetic radiation. Follow-up tests revealed no equipment defects. Because interstellar listening experiments are not conducted on a routine basis, the suggestion is advanced that verification tests should be conducted elsewhere, possibly on a global scale.

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