Download e-book for iPad: The Hindenburg Disaster by Jill Sherman

Download e-book for iPad: The Hindenburg Disaster by Jill Sherman

By Jill Sherman

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The crew corrected the airship, but once again it dove toward the ground and crashed. Of the 56 people on board, only 6 survived. The British people were shocked by the disaster, and thousands mourned the dead. The British government soon canceled all plans for future airships, and the R 100 was dismantled. England would never fly another rigid airship. ”1 The LZ 127 was named in honor of Count, or Graf, Zeppelin. On September 18, 1928, the Graf Zeppelin was unveiled. It made its first ocean crossing to the United States in October 1928.

And the passengers He too was considered dangerous. • 59 • Essential Events Passenger in the Interior of the Airship Passengers were not permitted to leave the passenger area unaccompanied. The first night of the flight, however, Joseph Späh persuaded a crew member to take him to his dog so he could feed her. The next day, Späh took a guided tour of portions of the airship’s interior with several other passengers. When the tour passed the animal hold, Späh deviated from the tour to spend some time with his pet.

The airship had passenger accommodations. The size of the airship was also restricted. The postwar laws allowed a maximum gas capacity of 1 million cubic feet (28,317 m3). However, the United States was able to stretch the • 39 • Essential Events Helium Hydrogen is the only element lighter than helium. Helium is an inert gas. Unlike hydrogen, it does not combine with air to become flammable. The United States discovered large deposits of natural gas in its soil from which helium could be extracted at a relatively small cost.

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