Download PDF by Stephie Davis: The Boyfriend Game

Download PDF by Stephie Davis: The Boyfriend Game

By Stephie Davis

I rested the ball on my hip and walked again towards the gear shed. at midnight. by myself. With a boy. i might be thoroughly freaking out over varsity football tryouts if it were not for the recent scholar, Graham, who is assisting me perform. He has the main extraordinary eco-friendly eyes, curly brown hair, and excellent legs. Plus, we have now plenty in universal, considering that all we either care approximately is football! good, that is all he cares approximately. yet my middle beats so quickly while we are at the box jointly . . . and that i don't believe it truly is simply from the entire working round.

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I was just going home. Who was going to see it? I jumped down the stairs, humming to myself as I hit the street. ” I immediately stopped and turned around in time to see Graham jogging up behind me. His backpack was over one shoulder, and his gym bag over his other one. His hair was sticking up straight from the shower. ” I shifted my weight and fiddled with the strap on my bag. ” He fell in next to me, and I started walking again. “Home. ” “My sister’s picking me up at the ice-cream shop down the street.

I swallowed hard. ” Varsity? That’s what this was about? Good. That’s what I wanted it to be about. Um, yeah. ” 53 He nodded with satisfaction, like he totally heard me. Like he got me. Like I’d said what he wanted to hear. “You can make it. ” I met his determined gaze and felt all the pressure and frustration fall away from me. ” He grinned. ” Of course. A warm feeling settled in my belly. Graham did get me. Soccer was just as important to him as it was to me. We were a team, kinda. ” He turned away and headed toward the cones.

Then she saw Kirk frowning at us, and she immediately blushed. 35 “Not that he’s my type, though. I mean, dark hair isn’t my thing. ” No need to point out that Kirk had blond hair. Even he couldn’t have been stupid enough to miss that one. But he ignored her, taking a long look at me, then inspecting Graham, then looking back at me again, his face tight. ” “No! Relax, you guys. He plays soccer. So do I. That’s all it is. ” Sara raised her brows, and Beth snorted her disbelief, but Kirk grinned and relaxed.

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