Download e-book for iPad: Temple Grandin. Inspiring Animal-Behavior Scientist by Lois Sepahban

Download e-book for iPad: Temple Grandin. Inspiring Animal-Behavior Scientist by Lois Sepahban

By Lois Sepahban

Temple Grandin is a latest hero to many folks for her paintings in animal technology and autism. She is an recommend for animal rights and for autistic individuals, in addition to an essayist, writer, and extra. This identify contains fundamental assets, sidebars, activates and actions, charts and graphs, and lots more and plenty extra. Aligned to universal middle criteria and correlated to country criteria. center Library is an imprint of Abdo Publishing corporation.

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Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2012. com. These links are routinely monitored and updated to provide the most current information available. com for free additional tools for teachers and students. 47 INDEX animal emotions, 12, 21–23, 25 animal science, 18, 30 Animals in Translation, 13, 38 Animals Make Us Human, 38, 41 Arizona State University, 18, 21 audit systems, 32–34, 40 autism, 5–9, 10, 16, 35, 37–39, 40 bullying, 13 Carlock (Grandin’s science teacher), 16, 30 cattle chutes, 18, 24–25 cattle squeeze chute, 11–12, 15–16, 17, 18, 22, 39 chicken welfare, 33–34 Colorado State University, 30 Grandin, Eustacia, 6–7, 11 Danes, Clare, 40 dip vats, 22–23 Making Animals Happy, 38 McDonald’s, 31–32 middle school, 8–9 Education for All Handicapped Children Act of 1975, 10 elementary school, 5, 7–8 Emergence: Labeled Autistic, 38 Hampshire Country School, 9–10, 15 horses, 10, 11, 13, 29 packing plants, 25, 27, 32, 33 panic attacks, 10–11 pigs, 33 Temple Grandin, 40 Thinking in Pictures, 38 feedlots, 18–19, 22, 27 Franklin Pierce College, 17 ABOUT THE AUTHOR Lois Sepahban has taught every grade from kindergarten to high school.

Print. 252. Consider Your Audience Review this passage closely. Grandin wrote this for an adult audience. Rewrite this passage for your friends. Write a blog post conveying this same information for the new audience. How does your new approach differ from the original text and why? 41 ANDIN R G E L P M F TE BECAUSE O Animal Welfare Because of Temple Grandin, people are aware that animals think and feel. Grandin has helped make sure that large fast-food companies buy meat only from farms that treat animals with care.

What evidence can you find in the chapter to support the main point? Learn more about livestock at the website below. Find a quote from the website that supports this chapter’s main point. Write two or three sentences explaining how the quote relates to the information in this chapter. com/temple-grandin 35 E CHAPTER FIV HELPING OTHERS WITH AUTISM B ecause Grandin’s experience with autism is so well known, she allows doctors and scientists to study her in order to help others with autism. In 1987 doctors took a scan of Grandin’s brain.

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