New PDF release: Presuppositions of India's Philosophies

New PDF release: Presuppositions of India's Philosophies

By Karl H. Potter

First released in 1963, Presuppositions of India's Philosophies is meant as an introductory textual content for classes within the philosophical platforms of classical Indian notion. a short account of karma and transmigration is by means of an advent to Indian methods of assessing arguments.

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The problem of this chapter is, then, to explain how self-knowledge is as possible as any knowledge about the world, and to show that judgments to the effect that renunciation is possible with rtspect to the fruits of a certain kind of action are just as open to verification and falsification as any other assertions. And so, indeed, are judgments that a certain discipline leads toward freedom for a given individual. The topic of this chapter may have some interest for contemporary philosophers independently of any value it may have for the exposition of Indian thought, for it addresses a problem currently under heavy discussion, namely the question whether moral reasoning is or is not to be conceived analogously to reasoning about matters of fact.

Understanding a situation--or the world—is like making a map. , which does not overlook some distinction which may be reflected in another projection Consequently, geographers conclude that in order to get on with their business thev will have to make do with different projections for the various purposes for which maps need to be constructed, whatever they may be If one is interested in navigating a ship, certain projections are awkward which mav be useful in other respects, say, for reflecting the relative sizes of land-masses.

Each of the three paths we distinguished functions in its own peculiar way to produce this single-pointedness. By performing only certain ritual activities in a spirit of dedication, one is cut off from the distracting sources of desire. By ecstatically devoting oneself to his deity and thinking of nothing but him, one focuses his energies and thoughts on something which cannot be the source of any limitation, and by seeking symbolically to unite with that god he. teaches himself by direct experience the truth of the unlimited nature of his own being.

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