Download e-book for iPad: Poppy and the Vanishing Fairy (Fairy Blossoms, No. 2) by Suzanne Williams

Download e-book for iPad: Poppy and the Vanishing Fairy (Fairy Blossoms, No. 2) by Suzanne Williams

By Suzanne Williams

Mistress Lily is long past for the day, and Poppy hopes she'll hurry domestic. Then Mistress Lily does not come again on time—something needs to be unsuitable! With the aid of their flying ponies, Poppy and her acquaintances trigger to determine what is occurred to their instructor. They find a magical creature and a mysterious appeal!

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Remember her outburst this morning? ” The triplets soon joined them on the balcony. ” asked Heather. ” “We kept her as long as we could,” Holly said. “It’s okay,” said Poppy. ” “Phew,” said Hyacinth. ” “A postcard,” said Daisy. ” “From the Primrose Hotel,” said Poppy. ” asked Rose. Poppy thought for a moment. “Five hours. ” asked Marigold. “Then someone at the hotel might know where she went,” said Poppy. “Mistress Petunia might let some of us go. ” chorused the triplets. “She wants to go there on vacation,” Daisy explained.

All right,” said Bink. ” He must have climbed the rope ladder at the far end of the balcony, thought Poppy. Brownies couldn’t fly. They had no wings. “Thanks,” she said. She felt better now that Bink had arrived. He’d find a way to delay Mistress Petunia if the triplets couldn’t. The fairies searched for about twenty 36 minutes without finding anything. They were about to give up when Poppy pounced on a postcard sandwiched between two magazines. ” she shouted, waving the card in the air. ” asked Daisy.

Bink exclaimed. ” 39 Mistress Petunia sighed. “Fine,” she said, sounding annoyed. ” A key turned in the lock, and the fairies gasped as the door swung open. 40 5 Primrose Hotel M istress Petunia stepped inside the office; but to Poppy’s surprise, she looked right through the fairies. Why didn’t she see them? Poppy wondered. Then she saw the look of concentration on Violet’s face. She had cast an invisibility spell over the whole group. Though they could still see one another, Mistress Petunia couldn’t see them!

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