Download e-book for iPad: Periodic Table of the Elements - Formatted for Small Screens by MobiReference

Download e-book for iPad: Periodic Table of the Elements - Formatted for Small Screens by MobiReference

By MobiReference

Periodic desk of the Elements
Formatted for small monitors (PDAs, smartphones, eReaders)
* Atomic numbers, symbols and weights.
* Chemical symbols and more.
* look for phrases or phrases.

Table of Contents is as follows:
Periodic Table: usual | Large

List of components looked after by: Atomic quantity (including atomic Mass) | identify | image | Boiling element | Melting aspect | Density | Atomic radius | Electronegativity | Electron affinity | Ionization capability | typical enthalpy swap of vaporization | ordinary enthalpy switch of fusion | particular warmth capacity

About Periodic Table: association | Periodicity of chemical houses | Electron configuration | Naming of parts | Chemical symbols | History

Chemical Series: Alkali steel | Alkaline earth steel | Lanthanides | Actinides | Transition metals | terrible metals | Metalloids | Nonmetals | Halogens | Noble gases

Appendix: IUPAC nomenclature | Metric approach (SI) | SI writing kind | Powers of 10 prefixes | usa devices conversion

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Sample text

04(3)2 71. 967(1)2 72. 49(2) 73. 9479(1) 74. 84(1) 75. 207(1) 76. 23(3)2 77. 217(3) 78. 084(9) 79. 966569(4) 80. 59(2) 81. 3833(2) 82. 2(1)24 83. 98040(1) 84. 9824]1 85. 9871]1 86. 0176]1 87. 0197]1 88. 0254]1 89. 0278]1 90. 03806(2)12 91. 03588(2)1 92. 02891(3)123 93. 0482]1 94. 0642]1 95. 0614]1 96. 0703]1 97. 0703]1 98. 0796]1 99. 0829]1 100. 0951]1 101. 0986]1 102. 1009]1 103. 1053]1 104. 1087]1 105. 1138]1 106. 1182]1 107. 1229]1 108. Hassium, Hs {7, 8} M=[265]1 109. Meitnerium, Mt {7, 9} M=[266]1 110.

Brackets are set to eliminate ambiguities. ) are ignored. Cations and anions are treated separately (in this order). Exemplification: compound: H2O; core: dihydrogen; ligand(s): oxido; functional markers: ; name: -oxido dihydrogen compound: ClO3-; core: chlorate; ligand(s): oxido; functional markers: (1-); name: trioxido chlorate(1-) compound: ClO2-; core: chlorate; ligand(s): oxido; functional markers: (1-); name: dioxido chlorate(1-) compound: NO"; core: nitrogen; ligand(s): oxido; functional markers: ("); name: oxido nitrogen(") compound: ONOO-; core: nitrate; ligand(s): dioxido / oxido; functional markers: (1-); name: (dioxido)oxido nitrate(1-) compound: K4[Fe(CN)6]; core: potassium / ferrate; ligand(s): hexacyanido; functional markers: (4-); name: potassium hexacyanidoferrate(4-) compound: K[AuS(S2)]; core: potassium / aurate; ligand(s): disulfido / sulfido; functional markers: (1-); name: potassium (disulfido)sulfido aurate(1-) compound: [Ni(CO)4]; core: niccol; ligand(s): oxidocarbon; functional markers: -; name: tetra(oxidocarbon) niccol compound: CuSO4"5H2O; core: copper / sulfate; ligand(s): oxido; functional markers: water(1/5); name: copper tetraoxidosulfate-water(1/5) Substitutive nomenclature This ansatz generalises the organic nomenclature and follows basically the same rules.

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