Path integrals on group manifolds : the representation - download pdf or read online

Path integrals on group manifolds : the representation - download pdf or read online

By Wolfgang Tome

Mathematical prelude; actual prelude; a evaluation of a few skill to outline the Fynmann direction necessary in staff and symmetric areas; notations and preliminaries; the representation-independent propagator for a common Lie staff; classical restrict of the representation-independent propagator; end and outlook; a continual illustration idea; targeted lattice calculations.

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This yields an alternate definition of closedness: A set A is closed if and only if A =■ A. A. Let X be a set and let 7j and 7^ be topologies on X. If 7i C 72, then we say T\ is a weaker topology than 72 and 72 is a stronger topology than T\. This terminology derives from the fact that fewer sequences converge in 7^ than do in T\\ so ^-convergence is a stronger notion thann 7i-c T\-convergence. 2 Nuclear Space Lett $\f C 1H be a dense set of analytic vectors for an essentially self-adjoint, positive definite operator )r A con H .

A unitary representation is called completely reducible if it can be expressed as a direct sum of irreducible unitary subrepresentations. One can show that every finite-dimensional unitary representation of any Lie group is completely reducible (cf. 2]). The following theorem is of fundamental importance in the theory of group representations: 36 CHAPTER 1. 1 (Schur's Lemma- unitary case) Let U J2 ,be irreducible, J1 aand U unitary representations of a Lie group G on H i and H 2 , respectively.

A unitary representation U is called irreducible if the only operators that commute with all the Ug are scalar multiples of the identity operator. One refers to this formulation of irreducibility as operator irreducibility of U. 6. 6 REPRESENTATIONS 37 Reducible Representations One can classify reducible unitary representations U according to the properties of the of the center Z of the von Neumann algebra TZ(U,U) of intertwining operators. Let us start with the case when 7l(U, U) is a factor. 1 A unitary representation U of a Lie group G is said to be a factor representation if and only ifTZ(U,U) is a factor.

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