Read e-book online Needles, Herbs, Gods, and Ghosts: China, Healing, and the PDF

Read e-book online Needles, Herbs, Gods, and Ghosts: China, Healing, and the PDF

By Linda L. Barnes

While did the West observe chinese language therapeutic traditions? most folk could element to the "rediscovery" of chinese language acupuncture within the Seventies. In Needles, Herbs, Gods, and Ghosts, Linda Barnes leads us again, as an alternative, to the 13th century to discover the tale of the West's earliest identified encounters with chinese language understandings of disease and therapeutic. As Westerners struggled to appreciate new peoples surprising to them, how did they make feel of both unusual suggestions and practices of therapeutic? Barnes strains this tale during the mid-nineteenth century, in either Europe and, finally, the USA. She has unearthed a variety of examples of Western missionaries, retailers, diplomats, and physicians in China, Europe, and the United States encountering and examining either chinese language humans and their therapeutic practices, and occasionally adopting their very own models of those practices. A clinical anthropologist with a level in comparative faith, Barnes illuminates the way in which buildings of medication, faith, race, and the physique educated Westerners' realizing of the chinese language and their therapeutic traditions. (20060809)

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Family medicine book author Yuan Cai (ca. 1140–1190) argued that “women who claim to be dealing in acupuncture needles and moxa must not be allowed into the household” (Leung 2003, 396). ” Song Lian, who authored the preface for Hua’s book, added, “Those who transmit the method of the nine needles are rare” (Leung 2003, 383). Why nine needles? Early techniques for cautery (the therapeutic application of heat), together with early understandings of the meridians, provided a foundation for what would emerge as acupuncture.

Franciscans martyred before the Sultan in Thanah. Ambrosio Lorenzetti, Basilica of San Francesco, Siena, 14th century. Courtesy of Historic Photographs, Fine Arts Library, Harvard College Library. views and those of the Mongols and Chinese would lay the foundations for centuries of misunderstanding. Their Physicians Know a Great Deal European travelers encountered Mongol and Chinese healing traditions in light of their own concepts of medicine, as in the list of master physicians given by Geoffrey Chaucer (d.

Mongol warriors might or might not be real men, given their “feminine” traits, geographic marginality, and “monstrous” brutality. Giovanni praised Mongol women’s chastity and honesty. Likewise, he admired the obedience and honesty of the Mongols toward their superiors, while finding their eating and drinking habits dirty. He reserved his strongest criticism for interactions with outsiders: “At first indeed they are smooth-tongued, but in the end they sting like a scorpion . . Any evil they intend to do to others they conceal in a wonderful way so that the latter can take no precautions nor devise anything to offset their cunning” (Dawson 1955, 16).

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