Download PDF by Dan Gutman: My Weird School Daze #4: Coach Hyatt Is a Riot!

Download PDF by Dan Gutman: My Weird School Daze #4: Coach Hyatt Is a Riot!

By Dan Gutman

The weirdness by no means stops! it is Pee Wee soccer season, and A.J.'s new trainer is loopy. She wishes the men to do push-ups within the dust. She wishes them to choose up a vehicle. And worst of all, she desires to positioned ladies at the workforce! you will by no means think in 1000000 hundred years what occurs within the vast video game.

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I pretended that the Elvis dummy was Andrea and rammed it as hard as I could. ” sang Elvis as I got off him. “Ooooooooh! ” said Coach Hyatt. Each of us got to tackle the Elvis dummy five times. It was cool. Coach Hyatt showed us how to go for the legs so the runner would fall down. Wyatt just 36 picked his nose. Doesn’t that kid ever run out of boogers? When we were finished, the coach blew her whistle and said we could take a drink from the Gatorade jug. That’s when Little Miss Perfect came over.

Moose! ” After everybody had some Gatorade, Coach Hyatt taught us how to punt the ball. Punting is hard. I punted the ball really far, but I couldn’t make it go straight. One of my punts landed over near the cheerleaders. Andrea picked it up. I remembered the last time she got her 38 hands on the ball. She threw it over our heads. “Don’t throw it,” I told Andrea. ” asked Andrea. “Now! ” I yelled. ” Me and the guys laughed. 39 A cheerleader thought she could run past a bunch of trained football players!

Hmm, that was weird. Coach Hyatt blew her whistle. ” asked Neil. ” the coach barked. ” asked Ryan. “After you score a touchdown, you have 32 to do a dance in the end zone,” Coach Hyatt said. Then Coach Hyatt showed us her end zone dance. She shook her butt, lifted a leg over her head, hopped up and down for a while, and then put her hands in the air and waved them around like a crazy person. Coach Hyatt is a riot! “Now you try,” she told us. We all shook our butts, lifted one of our legs over our heads, hopped up and down for a while, and put our hands in the air and waved them around like crazy people.

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