Download e-book for kindle: Kierkegaard's Writings, XVIII: Without Authority by Søren Kierkegaard, Howard V. Hong, Edna H. Hong

Download e-book for kindle: Kierkegaard's Writings, XVIII: Without Authority by Søren Kierkegaard, Howard V. Hong, Edna H. Hong

By Søren Kierkegaard, Howard V. Hong, Edna H. Hong

"Without authority," a word Kierkegaard many times utilized to himself and his writings, is a suitable identify for this quantity of 5 brief works that during quite a few methods care for the concept that and perform of authority. The Lily within the box and the fowl of the Air contemplates the instructing authority of those creatures in line with 3 assorted passages within the Gospels. the 1st of Two Ethical-Religious Essays mediates at the ethics of Jesus' martyrdom; the second one contrasts the authority of the genius with that of the apostle. the remainder works--Three Discourses on the Communion on Fridays (1849), An Upbuilding Discourse (1850), and Two Discourses on the Communion on Fridays (1851)--are meditations on sin, forgiveness, and the facility of love.

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That is, their silence is no art, but when you become silent like the lily and the bird, you are at the beginning, which is to seek first God's kingdom. How solemn it is out there under God's heaven with the lily and the bird, and why? Ask the poet. He answers: Because there is silence. And his longing goes out to that solemn silence, away from the worldliness in the human world, where there is so much talking, away from all the worldly human life that only in a sad way demonstrates that speech distinguishes human beings above the animals.

Even if this were not the case, when it shall nevertheless-well, even if it were given an eternity for deliberation, the child would not need it; the child would say: Why all this time when I nevertheless shall? If the child were to take the time, it would certainly use the time in some other way, for play, for fun, and the like. What the child shall, that the child shall; that stands fast and has nothing at all to do with deliberation. So, then, following the instruction of the Gospel, let us in earnest look at the lily and the bird as the teachers.

Then when the solemn silence out there with the lily and the bird deeply moves you, the Gospel explains further and says, "But why is this silence so solemn? Because it expresses the unconditional obedience with which everything serves only one master, turns in service toward only one, joined in perfect unity, in one great divine service. " But do not forget, you shall learn from the lily and the bird; you shall, like the lily and the bird, become unconditionally obedient. Bear in mind that it was human sin that-by being unwilling to serve one master, or by wanting to serve another master, or by wanting to serve two, indeed, several masters-disturbed the beauty of the whole world where previously everything was so very good, human sin that created a cleft in a world of unity.

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