New PDF release: Just in time geometry

New PDF release: Just in time geometry

By Catherine V Jeremko

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10° c. 90° d. 50° e. 30° 47 Team-LRN 48 J U ST I N TI M E G E O M ETRY 2. The following diagram shows parallel lines cut by a transversal. What is the measure of ∠5? a. 100° b. 53° c. 127° d. 37° e. 90° 3. Which angle(s) shown are supplementary to ∠2, in the following parallel lines cut by a transversal? a. ∠6 b. ∠6 and ∠7 c. ∠5 d. ∠8 e. ∠5 and ∠8 Team-LRN S P E C I AL AN G LE PAI R S A N D A N G LE M EA S U R E M E NT 49 4. The following figure shows parallel lines cut by a transversal. What is the measure of ∠8?

C. Draw a picture to help visualize the problem. ៮៬ bisects ∠QRT, ∠QRS and ∠TRS are conSince it is stated that RS gruent, and so have the same measure. First, find the value of x, and then use that value to calculate the value of the angle. Team-LRN 44 J U ST I N TI M E G E O M ETRY 5x + 35 = 10x + 15 5x – 5x + 35 = 10x – 5x + 15 35 = 5x + 15 35 – 15 = 5x + 15 – 15 20 5x ᎏᎏ = ᎏᎏ 5 5 Set up an equation. Subtract 5x from both sides. Combine like terms. Subtract 15 from both sides. Combine like terms, and divide both sides by 5.

JUST IN TIME LESSON—BASIC BUILDING BLOCKS OF GEOMETRY Topics in this chapter include: • • • • • • • • Geometry Vocabulary: Point, Line, and Plane Types of Points Geometry Vocabulary: Ray and Segment Types of Lines and Planes Angles and Angle Classification Geometry Vocabulary: Congruent Figures, Midpoint, and Bisector Using Algebra to Solve Geometric Problems Perpendicular Lines and Perpendicular Bisectors GEOMETRY VOCABULARY—POINT, LINE, AND PLANE All of geometry starts with three basic constructs.

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