INTURGEO - Intl. Uranium Geology System (IAEA TECDOC-471) by PDF

INTURGEO - Intl. Uranium Geology System (IAEA TECDOC-471) by PDF

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The Kings River Valley, a major NNW basin and range valley is just W. The uraniferous vein is apparently along a major ring fracture bounding the caldera. This fracture can be traced for at least four ml to the N. ), and hornblende-blot1te granodiorite comprise the footwall of the breccia vein. ) rhyolite. Volcanlc-pyroclast1c, possibly shallow intrusive. In the hanging wall above the mine is a sequence of blotUic ryhollte to quartz latlte ash flow tuffs nearly 500 ft thick. Above this lies one or more peralkallne ash flows comprising up to 700 ft of section.

V^ ^21^0^ "" • '-^r-^44rrTTT^^^^ t mC-O 355, 356 ••lT tT^53%4MESI82 Tsm |I8°05' 57 Page 8 Quad Name Vya Deposit No. 6 Urani urn Analyses : Sample No. MES 405 Sample Description Representative grab spl . of brecciated b i o t i t e rhyolite ash flow tuff U^Oß(ppm) eU(ppm) 3 5 2 3 13 13 Representative grab s p l . of d e v i t r i f i e d b i o t i t e n 406 n 407 rhyolite ash flow tuff Representative grab s p l . of s i l i c i f i e d ash flow tuff n 408 Channel s p l . of breccia vein - 8 ft thick 456 11 409 Chip sample of breccia vein - 14 ft thick 321 " 410 C h i p sample of breccia vein - 15 ft thick 415 11 411 Select grab s p l .

04% l^Og- Altered country rock is enriched, with chip samples representing large volumes of rock containing*__> Radiometrie Data (General) U6 < Bkg. in country rock is 200 to 300 cps (60-90 UR). (No. times background and dimensions) The breccia vein ranges between 4000 and 20000+cps (1200-5800+ UR) for a distance of about 450 ft. Altered rock adjacent to the vein ranges between 500 and 4000 > Ore Controls K5 < The breccia vein is controlled by a moderate to high-angle fault which is thought to be part of the McDermitt Caldera ring fracture system.

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