Download e-book for kindle: Introduction to Indian Philosophy by Satishchandra Chatterjee, Dhirendramohan Datta

Download e-book for kindle: Introduction to Indian Philosophy by Satishchandra Chatterjee, Dhirendramohan Datta

By Satishchandra Chatterjee, Dhirendramohan Datta

An advent to Indian Philosophy, termed by means of Srila Prabhupada as 'very authoritative', whereas introducing the reader to the spirit, substantial ocean of information and outlook of Indian philosophy, additionally is helping him to understand completely the critical principles. Philosophy, in its widest etymological experience, skill 'love of knowledge'. It attempts to go looking for wisdom of himself, the area and God, and describes the Indian lifestyle as we all know it. Indian philosophy denotes the philosophical speculations of all Indian thinkers, historical or sleek, Hindus or non-Hindus, theists or atheists. a few think 'Indian philosophy' to be synonymous with 'Hindu philosophy', despite the fact that, this could be real provided that the notice 'Hindu' have been taken within the geographical feel of 'Indian'. but when 'Hindu' capability the fans of a selected spiritual religion often called Hinduism, the supposition will be incorrect and deceptive. The authors have, with significant advantage, highlighted the importance of Indian perspectives when it comes to sleek Western concept. An creation to Indian Philosophy is a seminal paintings masking themes as diversified because the Carvaka, Jain, Vaisesika, Mimamsa, Buddha, Sankhya structures, among others.

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This handful of leaves, he continued, is the knowledge I have given you compared to the infinite knowledge of the Buddha mind. Yet it is all that is necessary to know to attain enlightenment, to come to the end of all suffering. Power’s relation to wisdom is similar to that of knowledge’s. Just as the power acquired by science is vast and continually expanding (power over nature, electrical and chemical power, nuclear power), so too the power that can be acquired through spiritual practice is vast and varied.

No self, nothing to protect. Just us, all together, no separateness, no selfishness. We use moral rules to create the conditions by which we can go beyond form and beyond rules to the deepest peace and unity. CONCENTRATION AND INSIGHT MEDITATION It is useful in understanding the variety of spiritual practices to distinguish between concentration and insight meditation. Basically, concentration meditations are those which develop one-pointedness and tranquility. These are practiced by fixing the mind on any single object and developing the ability to hold it there.

In practice, discipline includes both right morality and right effort. What is right effort? Simply the effort to be mindful, to remember in the present moment what is happening without judging it. In Zen it is called effortless effort. Effortless effort is not an effort to gain or attain anything, but simply the discipline and effort to stay aware in the present. As practice continues, mindfulness as a quality of mind becomes strengthened. Life gets lighter and easier, mindfulness takes over as a way of life.

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