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By I. M. Yaglom

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The item of this ebook is the quantum mechanism that enables the macroscopic quantum coherence of a superconducting condensate to withstand to the assaults of hot temperature. way to this basic challenge of contemporary physics is required for the layout of room temperature superconductors, for controlling the decoherence results within the quantum desktops and for the certainty of a potential function of quantum coherence in residing subject that's debated this day in quantum biophysics.

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The cotangent bundle T ∗ M = x∈M Tx∗ M is also a 2n-dimensional manifold. A one-form ω : M → T ∗ M is a smooth map assigning to each x ∈ M a covector ω(x) ∈ T ∗ M . In local coordinates ω(x) = ωi (x)dxi |x or simply ω = ωi dxi . The differential of a map. If τ : M → N is a smooth map between two manifolds then its differential dτ : T M → T N is a linear map defined pointwise for fixed x as follows: let w ∈ Tx M be an arbitrary vector and h : N → R an arbitrary smooth function. Then a new vector (dτ w)|τ (x) ∈ Tτ (x)N is defined by (dτ w)|τ (x) h := w(h ◦ τ )(x).

On Tx M the tensor g induces a scalar product v·w = g|x (v, w), and likewise for vector-fields. By forming the inverse matrix g ij (x) one defines a (2, 0)-tensor field g ij ∂xi ⊗ ∂xj . Raising and lowering indices. Type conversion. g. if v = aij dxi ⊗ dxj is a (0, 2)-tensor-field then cij = g il alj defines the coefficients of a (1, 1)-tensor C = cij ∂xi ⊗ dxj . This operation is called raising an index. Similarly, indices can be lowered by multiplication with gij . Covariant differentiation, Christoffel symbols.

The graph of such a function u is a subset of M × Rk . The total space M × Rk is an (n + k)-dimensional smooth manifold. Each tangent space has the simple structure T(x,u) (M × Rk ) = Tx M × Rk . Vector fields w on M × Rk are written in local coordinates as w = ξ i (x, u)∂xi + φα (x, u)∂uα . We use the notation w = ξ(x, u) + φ(x, u) with ξ(x, u) ∈ Tx M and φ(x, u) = (φ1 (x, u), . . , φk (x, u)) ∈ Rk . Partial derivatives Consider a smooth function f : M × Rk → R. Partial derivatives of f are defined as follows: for fixed x partial derivatives of the function f (x, ·) : Rk → R with respect to uα , α = 1, .

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