CliffsAP 5 Biology Practice Exams (Cliffs AP) - download pdf or read online

CliffsAP 5 Biology Practice Exams (Cliffs AP) - download pdf or read online

By Phillip E. Pack

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In contrast, a good place to observe meiosis is in a cross section of a plant anther, where haploid pollen cells are being produced. 21. D. Mitochondria and chloroplasts do not function independently from the eukaryotic host cell. Some of the ancestral mitochondria and chloroplast genes are now located in the genome of the host cell. Thus, respiration and photosynthesis cannot occur without the manufacture of necessary enzymes by the host genome. 22. B. In photolysis, H2O is broken down into 2H+ + 1⁄2O + 2e–.

31. All of the following contribute to a reduction of water loss from plant leaves EXCEPT: A. B. C. D. E. a thick cuticle stomata that occur in depressions in the leaf surface a vertical leaf orientation hairs on the surface of leaves the green color of chlorophyll 32. For an X-linked gene, the trait associated with the recessive allele A. B. C. D. E. will appear in males more frequently than in females will appear in females more frequently than in males will appear in males and females with equal frequencies cannot appear in any males cannot appear in any females 33.

E. The dependent variable is expressed by the data collected, in this case, water loss. qxp 6/1/06 6:20 PM Page 31 Practice Exam 1 88. A. During the interval from 20 to 30 minutes, treatment C is represented by a horizontal line with a constant water loss value of 16 mL/m2. The total water loss at 20 minutes was 16, and the total water loss at 30 minutes was still 16. So the water loss for this interval was zero. 89. E. The water loss for treatment C during the first 20 minutes was very high. The wind was apparently responsible for this high rate of transpiration.

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