Bug Zoo - download pdf or read online

Bug Zoo - download pdf or read online

By Nick Baker

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Its sensory hairs make it incr edibly sensitive to vibration—just a careless sigh from the spider hunter coul d send it scuttling into an inconvenient re cess. Try and pred ict its direction of trav el and have ready a container with a tight-fitting lid. Use a pain tbrush or a pencil to gently p oke Tegeneria out of its web or recess. Don ’t worry ab ou damaging the web—it t will make anoth er one for you anyway. 43 The House Spider House FEEDING Setting up a house for a house spider (Tegenaria) couldn’t be easier.

Keep this moist at all times so the spider can drink when it needs to. I also spray with a mist sprayer once a day. Finding food rpower is prey. House Anything a spider can ove moths or flies, and you spiders normally feed on flies are easiest. To can provide either, but or compost outside to harvest them, leave food ng flies in a net. You can rot, and sweep up visiti the wall by placing a jar also catch flies resting on r or cardboard between over them. Then slip pape them. the jar and wall to trap 1.

K damp b eep ut soil con not soggy. Wa the soil tains ve terlogg e r will cau y little oxygen d se the w and o rm suffoca te or dr s to own. Baby worm See-through worm Put a worm on a flashlight and examine it with a hand lens for a look inside the worm’s body! You’ll see the worm’s squiggly gut as a dark silhouette, with a bright red blood vessel running along it. Watch the blood vessel pulse as blood pulses along it. You might be able to see the five hearts causing this blood rush—they will show up as thickened red blotches toward the head.

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