Get Biology and Chemistry of Eukaryotic Cell Surfaces PDF

Get Biology and Chemistry of Eukaryotic Cell Surfaces PDF

By E.Y. C. Lee

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The flasks were incubated at 37°C for 3 min. Then the flasks were placed on the reciprocal shaker at the indicated speed for 1 min. The detached cells were decanted, and the remaining bound cells were detached as previously described. When ConA is used to agglutinate cells neither EDTA, trypsin or NANase is effective in disrupting the aggregates (Table 9)· A small effect of monovalent ConA can be seen when tried with glucagon induced agglutination (Table 10). 1 mg/ml ConA. To each cell suspension on the cover slip was added an equal amount of the stated material or adhesion salts in the case of the controls.

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E. cells with no additions which show a uniform field of cells having only few small clumps of cells. 30 BIOLOGY AND CHEMISTRY OF EUCARYOTIC CELL SURFACES Fig· lb shows cells grown in the presence of 1 mM theophylline for 2k hrs. In this case there are large aggregates of cells with only a few small aggregates. The agglutinability of cells grown in the presence of theophylline, glucagon or insulin was shown to he time dependent and also dependent on the concentration of the material added. The lowest concentrations at which agglutination could he directed was about 10" 7 M for both insulin and glucagon.

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