Anne Curry, Michael Hughes's Arms, Armies and Fortifications in the Hundred Years War PDF

Anne Curry, Michael Hughes's Arms, Armies and Fortifications in the Hundred Years War PDF

By Anne Curry, Michael Hughes

The Hundred Years conflict embraced battle in all elements, from the grand set items of Crecy and Agincourt to the pillaged lands of the dispossessed inhabitants. What makes this booklet assorted from prior experiences emphasising the good battles is its use of much less typical facts, reminiscent of administrative files and panorama archaeology, to achieve a more true photo of the realities of medieval war. From a common evaluation of conflict strategies, the ebook turns to envision (at issues enlisting machine research) a few matters: the composition of the English military, the administration of affairs in Aquitaine, the reaction in England at huge to the conflict and the resultant propaganda and complication, and the impression of struggle on neighborhood groups. shut learn of surviving artefacts - guns, fortifications - additionally permits life like exams of army and naval reports.

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The main problem for the French seems to have been the lack of coordination between their attacks, as well as the terrain which made it difficult for them to bring their greater numbers to bear. As it turned out, it was the exhausted English who took the initiative, Edward mounting some, or all of his men, to counter-attack. The crucial factor was the flanking movement led by Jean de Grailly, Captal de Buch, who led his mounted force into (probably) the left rear of the French force. The shout which his men gave when they launched their attack was crucial in breaking the French morale.

Schnerb, 'La bataille rangée dans la tactique des armées bourguignonnes au début du 15e siècle: essai de synthèse'. in Annales de Bourgogne, 71, 1989, pp. 532. 33 A. Attiya, The Crusade of Nicopolis (London, 1934), pp. 8297; Le livre des fais du bon messire Jehan Le Maingre, dit Bouciquaut, ed. D. Lalande (Geneva, 1985). Page 16 According to the Gesta Henrici Quinti this is how Henry ordered his archers to prepare stakes. As a result of information divulged by some prisoners, a rumour went round the army that enemy commanders had assigned certain bodies of knights, many hundreds strong and mounted on barded horses, to break the formation and resistance of our archers when they engaged us in battle.

Pp. 528, on Philip VI's dispositions. , pp. 3413 on St Omer. F. Tout, Collected Papers, 2 (1934), pp. 22731. 8 Lunalonge, 1349. Taillebourg, 1351. Ardres, 1351. counter to flanks of archers. In the same year, just two months later, in the northern theatre near Ardres, the lord of Beaujeu dismounted all his force to attack John of Beauchamp, captain of Calais, who was conducting a chevauchée (fig. 8). Beaujeu died, but the French triumphed taking Beauchamp with estimated English losses of 700 killed and captured.

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