Get Armored Cav (Tom Clancy's Military Reference) PDF

Get Armored Cav (Tom Clancy's Military Reference) PDF

By Tom Clancy

A penetrating glance within an armored cavalry regiment -- the know-how, the options, and the folk . . . profiled by means of Tom Clancy.His first non-fiction publication, Submarine, captured the truth of lifestyles aboard a nuclear warship. Now, the number 1 bestselling writer of transparent and current possibility and with no regret portrays modern army as in simple terms military body of workers can are aware of it. With an analogous compelling, you-are-there immediacy of his acclaimed fiction, Tom Clancy presents distinct descriptions of tanks, helicopters, artillery, and extra -- the tremendous know-how in the back of the U. S. military. He captures army existence -- from the drama of wrestle to the day-by-day regimen -- with overall accuracy, and divulges the jobs and missions that have in recent times exceptional our combating forces. Armored Cav includes:Descriptions of the M1A2 major conflict Tank, the AH-64A Apache assault Helicopter, and moreAn interview with basic Frederick FranksStrategies at the back of the desolate tract hurricane accountExclusive picture, illustrations and diagramsPLUS: From West element cadet to abandon hurricane commander . . . an interview with a wrestle cavalry officer at the upward push.

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M8 Greyhound Light Armored Car 1941-91 by Steven J. Zaloga, Tony Bryan PDF

The M8 gentle armored vehicle was once the single major wheeled wrestle car utilized by the united states military in international conflict II. along side the calmly armed application model, the M20, it used to be the staple of the army's cavalry squadrons to be used in reconnaissance and scouting. First coming into strive against in Italy in 1943, it used to be universal through the crusade in northwest Europe, although its off-road functionality was once came across to be in need of.

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Within the aftermath of the good struggle, which observed the creation of the tank, the extra some distance sighted army leaders discovered that the way forward for conflict hinged on a stability of mobility, firepower and security. Tanks would have to be observed into conflict by means of assisting palms, in particular infantry, artillery and engineers.

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The most recent quantity within the military Lineage sequence, The Organizational background of box Artillery addresses the necessity for a contemporary paintings recording the ancient constitution, energy, disposition, materiel, and technical and tactical doctrine of box artillery within the U. S. military. В even supposing a number of books on box artillery have seemed during the last thirty years--some well known histories and some scholarly works--this one is meant to stress the organizational constitution of the department instead of its guns or operations.

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Touchdown with the British and Canadians in Normandy on D-Day, June 6, 1944, used to be the first attack Brigade Royal Engineers, a really expert armored unit tasked with elimination hindrances and mines from Gold, Juno, and Sword shorelines. To aid this venture, the engineers converted their tanks with creative strategies, corresponding to exchanging the most gun with an immense mortar or attaching a steamroller-like gadget to flatten a course within the sand.

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That is really long-range shooting! HEAT/Shaped-Charge Rounds—To kill an armored target, you must defeat the armor by blowing a hole in it. Current weapons technology provides two ways to do this. 6 kilometers per second. Or you can use the chemical energy released by an explosive “shaped charge,” which can be traveling quite slowly indeed. HEAT rounds use a high-explosive shaped charge packed around a cone-shaped metallic liner. When detonated, the explosive causes the metal liner to collapse rapidly inward.

S. S. S. COM TOM CLANCY’S POWER PLAYS: SHADOW WATCH TOM CLANCY’S POWER PLAYS: BIO-STRIKE TOM CLANCY’S POWER PLAYS: COLD WAR TOM CLANCY’S POWER PLAYS: CUTTING EDGE TOM CLANCY’S POWER PLAYS: ZERO HOUR The views and opinions expressed in this book are entirely those of the author and do not necessarily correspond with those of any corporation, navy, or government organization of any country. ARMORED CAV A Berkley Book / published by arrangement with Jack Ryan Limited Partnership PRINTING HISTORY Berkley trade paperback edition / November 1994 All rights reserved.

So perhaps some explanation is necessary before we go on. HEAT—or shaped-charge—rounds had their origin in the Second World War when weapon makers borrowed an old miners’ trick to “shape” or focus the energy from an explosion into a small area so it could penetrate armored plate. By the end of WWII, such munitions became a serious threat to the tank. And in the early 1960s, when a shaped-charge round was mated to a rocket motor and a guidance system, a really practical, lightweight tank killer had come into being—the anti-tank guided missile (ATGM).

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