Get Ancient Greek Laws: A Sourcebook PDF

Get Ancient Greek Laws: A Sourcebook PDF

By Ilias Arnaoutoglou

During this complete and available sourcebook, Ilias Arnaoutoglou offers a suite of old Greek legislation, that are located of their criminal and historic contexts and are elucidated with appropriate choices from Greek literature and epigraphical stories. a large zone of legislative job in significant and minor Greek city-states, starting from Delphoi and Athens in mainland Greece, to Gortyn in Crete, Olbia in South Russia and Aegean towns together with Ephesos, Samos and Thasos, is roofed. Ilias Arnaoutoglou divides laws into 3 major areas:* the loved ones - marriage, divorce, inheritance, adoption, sexual offences and private prestige* the market-place - alternate, finance, sale, coinage and rentals* the country - structure, legislative procedure, public tasks, colonies, development actions, naval forces, penal laws, faith, politics and inter-state affairs.Dr Arnaoutoglou explores the importance of laws in old Greece, the variations and similarities among historic Greek laws and legislators and their sleek opposite numbers and likewise offers clean translations of the criminal files themselves.

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Xx 9; prices for goods set by the AGO RANOMO I: Athens, BCH 118 (1994) 51–68 (1st century BC); Theophrastos, LAWS frg. 20. I, 348–72, Leipzig, 1984). 39 KYPARISSIA (PELOPONNESE), LAW ON IMPORT AND EXPORT DUTIES SEG xi 1026 4th–3rd century BC As the title implies, the law concerns the duties imposed on the import of goods to, or export from the territory of Kyparissia, on the west coast of the Peloponnese. The duty imposed was one-fiftieth of the value of the imported or exported goods, on the basis of a declaration submitted by the trader.

Whoever rapes a house slave-girl, he shall pay two staters; if he rapes an already seduced girl, he shall pay, if it took place during the day, one obol*, and if it took place during the night, two obols; and the slave woman will testify under oath. If anyone seduces a free woman, while she is under the tutelage of a KAD ESTAS*, he shall pay ten staters, if there is any witness to testify. RELEVANT TEXTS Athens: fines for rape, Lys. i 32, Pl. LAWS 874e and Plu. Vatin (1971) INSCRIPTIONS D E LA GRÈCE CENTRALE, 63–75, Paris; Keos (Cyclades): prohibition on women walking alone, due possibly to fear of rape, SEG xxxix 868 (300–250 BC).

But if they do not agree over the amount of money or the freed person does not admit that he asked to be freed, the judge shall decide taking into account the pleas. ] liii 11; honouring individuals for buying prisoners and enslaved citizens: Aigiale (Amorgos—Cyclades), IG xii (7) 386 (early 3rd century BC), Arkesine (Amorgos—Cyclades), Tod ii 152 (357/6 BC), ATHENS, SYLL3 263 (336/5 BC), IG ii2 399 (320/19 BC); clauses banning the enslavement of citizens of one POLIS in another, agreement of Miletos with Knossos, Gortyn and Phaistos (Crete): STAATSVERTRAGE III 482 (after 260 BC); prohibition of ransoming, Lyttos (Crete): STAATSVERTRAGE III 511 (c.

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